London Tree House

You might think you are dreaming or on the set of Jumanji 2 but this actually is a tree house in London!

OK, it might not be there all the time and is actually part of a publicity stunt by Virgin Holidays but it is an incredible looking tree house that you can actually win a nights stay in.

That’s right you will have the opportunity to not only sleep in this luxury tree house built 35 feet from the ground on London’s southbank but you can also win an incredible 6 course meal cooked by by Masterchef contestant Petrus Madutlela taht includes such delicacies as  tempura meal worms with induja mayo, shaved ostrich biltong, braised terrine of crocodile and smoked goat fillet with chakalaka sauce.

Anyone that has been to London before will know just how amazing a city it is with an incredible arts scene bustling with musicians, actors, painters,sculptors and more. It is also home to some of the best fashion designers in the world and countless stylish boutiques, but a quaint little tree-house like this smack bang in the middle of town is a rarity indeed that you wouldn’t even find someone trying to build down in Shoreditch.

For tourists, unique attractions are the perfect chance to get an idea of the cheeky side London has to offer, instead of being stuck having to see the countless sights and attractions that are instantly recognisable but appear in everyone’s Facebook Photos.

The tree-house is seen by the designer as a journey in to a more youthful and playful side, with the emphasis very much on fun and relation. And its’ something that is always needed in a city regarded a major health hub with world renowned specialists in everything from cosmetic surgery to massage therapy and juice bars popping up as frequently as a Costa or Starbucks.

With so much going on here we shouldn’t be surprised to find a luxury tree house on the banks of the river Thames but it still comes as quite a shock.

Take a look at the following images to get a better idea of the structure and if you want to be in with a chance of winning a nights stay and that fantastic meal head over to Virgin holidays to see their competition.

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London is filled with many not only interesting interior and exterior design, but fascinating interior and exterior design! It seems that every little crack or corner would potentially have a piece of art wedged in between it. One of the most interesting of buildings is branding agency Pearlfisher’s London studio. It looks like a normal (but iconic) London styled building? on the inside they have different ideas. Bringing ideas like this special treehouse to life all the time, the design agency is one of the worlds best, with creativity spouting not only into their clients like Starbucks work, but also throughout the office. More photos here:


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