Welcome to Tree Top Kids – Our children’s obstacle course is set 25ft above the ground high in the forest and is the perfect environment for cheeky little monkeys looking to climb, swing and jump around.

The course is completely safe as well as being completely fun. Our safe roller continuous belay system means that when your little ones are clipped on to guide wire (which can support a whole metric ton), then there is no way they can unclip themselves until they have reached the end of the course and are back safe in your arms.

Our fully trained and qualified staff will take perfect care of your miniature Mowglis and make sure they have a great time.

For those looking to stay near the site there are a number of great hotels and motels on the outskirts of London and there are a number of great transport links from central London too.

In recent years we have become and extended part of the London tourist trade with people travelling out to get a bit of adventure on their city breaks.

People travel from all over the world to London and we are lucky enough to be close by to welcome them too. With so many great shopping and entertainment options available to visitors it is little wonder that the city is so popular. As well as entertainment and shopping many people travel to London to make the most of the medical experts that are there. Everything from cosmetic surgery to Oncology experts can be found in London city center making it one of the worlds leading areas for such treatments. If you are wondering what is Oncology you can just head over to one of the specialists sites to find out more.

One of our biggest client bases is actually corporate teams looking for a bit of fun during team building sessions and for that reason our location close to London is ideal.

If you are interested in booking with us please get in touch soon and we can give you more details about transport routes to and from London or further afield if you need it.