Enchanted Forest Seating Area

If you prefer to watch your kids in the treetops from the safety of the ground, then our Enchanted Forest Seating area is perfect for you, offering a great view of the course and comfortable seating.

Half indoors, half outdoors, it is well-equipped to deal with the often unpredictable British weather, letting you enjoy fine and sunny weather or scuttle to the covered safety if the heavens open. Even in cooler weather, the open plan design of our seating area is heated throughout by column radiators, and there are plenty of blankets on hand to wrap yourself in if you prefer to be outdoors and closer to the action. A limited number of umbrellas are also available.

At our cosy and comfortable Enchanted Forest Seating Area you can also enjoy a selection of freshly served hot and cold beverages, as well as a range of delicious snacks such as pastries, doughnuts, sandwiches, biscuits, chocolate bars and other sweet and savoury baked goods. If you prefer something a bit healthier, then smoothies and fresh fruit is also available to purchase.

So enjoy watching your kids have fun in the treetops from the relaxing comfort of our Enchanted Forest Seating Area.