We have a number of great activities for those who don’t have a heads for heights.

Archery – If you quite fancy yourself as the next Robin Hood our instructors will help you get to grips with your bow skills. We cater to participants of every level form the compete novice to the most ‘dead-eye’ shots. With any luck you’ll be hitting the bull’s-eye every time.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – We have the perfect clay pigeon shooting range carved out in a small clearing deep within our forest courtesy of our friends a letting agency in Weybridge. Our fully trained and qualifies instructors not only give you a safety brief but will also coach you through each shoot to ensure you are safe at all times. We have several catapults that will keep you guessing as to where the next skeet will come from.

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Healthy Eating Class – Having an important diet is a necessity for any kid, especially those are active out here on the nature courses. One of the special activities we provide is an outdoor lunch picnic where kids can “forage” their own special lunch and create a one of a kind piece like those seen above. They have their picture taken with the special lunch and get to learn about where different types or healthy foods come from.