In summertime it’s easy to keep the children occupied with fun (and free!)outdoor activities. In wintertime though, it takes a little more planning especially during the Christmas holidays! So read on to find out about 3 of the best winter shows for kids.

Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’ is a perennial favourite and is a great way to introduce children to classical music. A narrator is accompanied by an orchestra as performers or marionettes perform this charming story. Written in Soviet Russia in the 1930s, this musical tale remains as charming today as it was then. Check out your local theatre listings to find showings.

Another charming classical tale is ‘Hansel and Gretel’ the ballet, and if you happen to be in Scotland then it has also been adapted into the cutely named ‘Wee Hansel and Gretel’. The performance is only an hour long, but the magically lovely music and spell-binding sets are sure to wow both children and parents. Suitable for children from the age of 3, find out more about this production at

To bring things a little bit more up to date, how about taking your little ones to see Disney Frozen on Ice? Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale the ‘Snow Queen’, ‘Frozen’ was a global smash hit for Disney and is an enthralling winter tale that lends itself to an ice show perfectly. Disney Frozen on Ice in London is going to be the biggest show in the UK, although there are other shows throughout the country. For the full list, visit the official site at

So have a great winter with your family!